Admission Policies and Procedures

Vaccination Requirements

For the health and safety of your pets and as well as others, Paws & Play Pet Resort requires verification of current vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian. Paws & Play Pet Resort will not be able to obtain vaccination records on the pet owner’s behalf. Records will need to be submitted by the owner or veterinarian’s office.

Records can be submitted in the following ways:

Reservations received without vaccination records will be waitlisted until records are received.

Required Canine Vaccines:

Rabies: 1-3 year
Bordetella (Kennel Cough): 6 months-1 year
DHPP (Distemper/Parvo): 1-3 year

Required Feline Vaccines:

Rabies: 1-3 year
FVRCP: 1-3 year

Age requirement:

6 months and up

Breed requirements:

All breeds are welcomed at Paws & Play Pet Resort!

Unaltered Pets:

Dogs that have not been spayed or neutered are not eligible for Daycare. During boarding, unaltered dogs will have outside playtime alone (without other dogs) but accompanied by an employee. $12.00 per day

Playgroup Evaluation:

Before requesting a reservation for daycare, all dogs must complete and pass a Playgroup Evaluation. An appointment for a Playgroup Evaluation can be made in your client portal, found underneath the reservations tab. If your dog is boarding with us first (before attending Daycare) we can complete an evaluation at the time of boarding. This can be scheduled with the receptionist at the time of drop-off, or an appointment can still be scheduled ahead of time before boarding with us. Please see Playgroup Evaluation for more details.

Parasite Free:

If any guest is found to have parasites (i.e., fleas, ticks, tapeworms), they will be treated at the owner’s expense. An additional fee will be added if our facility or yards need to be treated as well.


Should a problem arise in your absence; we will perform any necessary treatment to ensure your pet’s good health. We ask that you leave an emergency number where you will be staying or that of a friend/relative who would either be able to contact you directly or decide in your absence. Related costs will be the full responsibility of the pet owner.

Deposits and Cancellation Policy for Holiday, Peak and Non-Peak Days or Weekends Dates:

Deposits are 50% of the total stay per pet. Deposits are collected at the time of confirmed reservation.

Cancellations on holidays: must be made 10-days prior to reservation start date for a full refund. Any cancellations after the 10-day period will forfeit the deposit

Cancellations on peak weekends: must be made 5 days prior to reservation start date for a full refund. Any cancellations after the 5-day period will forfeit the deposit.

Cancellations on non-peak days or weekends: must be made 5 days prior to reservation start date for a full refund. Any cancellations after the 5-day period will be billed one night's stay.


Spring Break – March 10 – 19, 2023
Easter – April 7 – 9, 2023
Memorial Weekend – May 26 – 29, 2023
Independence Day – June 30 – Jul 7, 2023

Labor Day Weekend – Sep 1 – 4, 2023
Thanksgiving Week – Nov 17 – 27, 2023
*Lobby Closed Nov 23, 24 & 25
Christmas Eve & Day – Dec 15 – 26, 2023
*Lobby Closed Dec 24, 25 & 26
New Year’s Eve & Day – Dec 27, 2023 – Jan 1, 2024

Peak Weekends

May 30 – August 31, 2023

Two (2) night minimum stay required on weekends. Three (3) minimum may be required on holidays if the lobby is closed.

We reserve the right to deny admittance to pets lacking proof of vaccinations, and/or pets displaying signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions, and/or aggressive behavior. We reserve the right to charge handling fees for excessively difficult or aggressive pets requiring additional staff and/or additional time to deliver proper care.

We reserve the right to refuse service.


In connection with the care to be provided for your pets, Paws and Play Pet Resort requests that you provide written instruction for the administration of any medication. We are happy to provide oral medication to your pets; however, we will not give insulin injections and we do not do glucose testing. Client understands that Paws and Play Pet Resort are not licensed veterinary care professionals. Client holds Paws and Play Pet Resort harmless in the event the pet(s) suffers adverse reactions or shock regarding medications instructed to be given by Client, or regarding medical care which should be administered by a veterinary care professional. We will not board for acutely ill pets, pets with uncontrolled/untreated medical conditions, or any pets that are aggressive. In these cases, we suggest the pet be boarded with a veterinarian. We will make every effort to administer medications that the pet(s) in our care requires. However, if the pet absolutely refuses to cooperate, Client authorizes and accepts charges for transport of pet(s) to a veterinarian and for veterinary administration of medications. In the event the pet continues to prevent us from medicating them, Client agrees to allow us to leave the pet with the vet and accepts all charges. Client will provide Paws and Play Pet Resort with written instruction identifying their selected veterinarian. Should Client’s own veterinarian not be available, Paws and Play Pet Resort is authorized to seek emergency veterinary assistance as needed from any vet as chosen by Paws and Play Pet Resort at the cost of Client. We will, of course, make an effort to contact Client before veterinary care is sought but reserve the right to have pets treated in the event Client and their emergency contact is unreachable. Paws and Play Pet Resort will not be held responsible for the health/well-being of the pet should Client refuse veterinary care when we deem it is necessary. Paws and Play Pet Resort is not responsible if, despite our best efforts, a pet refuses to eat, drink, accept medication, or to be walked. Pets that will not eat/drink or take medication will be transported to a vet at Client’s cost.

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