About Us

What started as a family discussion about our love and care for our pets, lead to our vision for a Pet Resort. With our personal experiences in boarding our own pets and Dannielle’s professional expertise, we looked to create the highest level of lodging, daytime play, and specialized services for dogs and cats in Midland, and surrounding areas. Our family wants Paws & Play Pet Resort to be everything our friends, family and other pet owners would expect and more.

Andy, Odella, Emery, Erik & Dannielle Rickard

Our Staff


Dannielle Rickard – General Manager

Dannielle had an interest in animals since her first pet “Meatball”, a tiny hamster that had a personality as big as a Great Dane. Her love for animals grew into a passion of caring for pets. She found her calling when she applied to the Veterinary Technician Program at Midland College. She graduated with a degree in Applied Science, which allowed her to pursue a career as a Veterinary Technician. As her career progressed, she wanted to expand her avenues in pet care. She used her expertise from veterinary work and her affection for animals to start her own pet sitting business. This allowed her to expand her experience with hands on care within a pet’s normal home environment. This gave her insight on the best way to provide care for other people’s pets in a variety of different environments. Her ambitions did not stop there, she is now opening a family business to provide the best quality care for your pets.

“We will dedicate ourselves to your pet's needs, giving personal attention, love, and exercise so you can relax on your vacation knowing your pet is in good hands.”

Erik Rickard – Operations Manager

Tayler Johnson – Kennel Manager

Tayler was raised in Midland in an animal loving family. She is now a hardworking mother of a one year old and four pets of her own. Teaching her daughter from the beginning how powerful it is to grow up with pets always at her side. Tayler has always been surrounded by dogs and has been able to turn it into her passion. She worked at a well renowned vet clinic, Medical Veterinary Services, for almost a decade, getting up close and personal with people's beloved pets and providing them with the best care. She held their paws before they headed into a life changing operation or simply took up the role of playmate as she took them outside to stretch their legs! So, she is very comfortable in the Paws and Play setting!

Tayler is currently the proud owner of two pit bull mixes and two feline friends so she is never without a loving animal companion. She is hardworking and dedicated to becoming a loving staple in your fur babies lives!

Paws & Play Pet Resort in Midland, TX is the premier pet daycare for your dog or cat. Our cage-free, clean and safe facility is the perfect choice.

Paws & Play Pet Resort

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